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Baraccatura di testata


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Baraccatura di Testata is our patented optional studied especially for a better use of the arch covering's internal spaces.
As can be clearly seen in the photographs, the arched structures' covering membrane, both for the galvanized steel and laminated wood versions, is stretched over the main structure and, at the ends, is anchored to the ground.

Standard version with steel arches.

Standard version with wooden arches.

In this way, distancing the ground anchorage from the last arch, a double curve in the membrane is obtained which, once the pre-tension has been applied, ensures the covering's stability and absorption of snow and wind overloads.
With this type of membrane the ends are obviously blind, unopenable, and the corners of little use.
For many activities this solution is not a problem and, as in tennis, it's viewed positively insomuch as it prevents possible disturbance behind the players and ensures a contrast with the ball in play.
Instead for other uses we have patented the End Bay Walling which allows a total use even in the corners but above all it makes the entire opening end available, with all the ensuing advantages, and raises the covering membrane thus increasing the high spaces.
In this case too the double membrane curve aids protection against the elements by also reinforcing the couplings and reducing the exposed surfaces.
End Bay Walling comprises a series of upright columns in galvanized steel, anchored at the base on special metal plates with fixing screws into special plinths, and by a connection between them at the top.
This connection is in galvanized steel pipes for the steel structures and in laminated beams for wooden structures, which is then completed laterally, in the same way, with connections to the structural arches.
The roller guides which make the buffer sheet slide thus allowing the total opening of the cover are fixed under the horizontal beams at the top of the columns.
Our patented optional End Bay Walling can be applied to all our arched structures, both with single or double membrane, and from the smallest to the biggest.

Arched version in steel with End Bay Walling.

Arched version in wood with End Bay Walling.


Direct comparison, with the same dimensions, between the standard version and that with End Bay Walling on a laminated wood arch structure.
on a laminated wood arch structure.