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Realization of a pressed structure with double membrane and air cavity between the two membranes of 40 cm over the whole area.
Special internal connections keep the distance between the two membranes constant, through which air from the hot air generator is blown.
Contact between the two membranes only happens on the ground, at the external and internal welded point and the anchor eyelet. The realization therefore eliminates all thermal bridges which are normally present in traditional double membranes.
Realization of connections with external elements, such as entrance tunnel, revolving doors and emergency exits through the classic bellows.

From specific thermographic surveys dispersions are highlighted in these places but, as can be seen in the picture, the distance between the two membranes is maintained between the bellows' edge attached to the covering's membrane.
Therefore thermal dispersion only happens on the bellows' surface, there are no other thermal bridges.
For the projectors' support connections a special system to avoid thermal bridges is also used; the metal supports are fitted to the external membrane and special distance pieces allow the interior fitting of the projectors.

Access to the external membrane's fitting is through a zipped opening in the internal membrane.
Realization of the generator's hot air textile intake and outlet pipes using insulated solutions with specially spaced double membrane.
The same solution is also used for the emergency system piping which is not susceptible to thermal dispersion.

The hot air generator is of the latest type, direct switching, and fitted with a modulating burner with electronic temperature adjustment. Combustion is therefore optimized through low emissions and the intake air temperature within the pressed structure is contained between 35 and 43 °C, thus reducing air humidity offering the advantage of containing condensation and improving environmental conditions.

Here follow three Reports regarding thermographic surveys carried out on a pressed structure for two side by side tennis courts, which demonstrate the complete absence of thermal bridges through the excellent performance of the ENERGY double membrane.

Report n. 2
Report n. 4
Report n. 10