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Spaceframe structures - technical sheet

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Load-bearing metal structure made from metallic components including galvanized pipes - UNI 5744, special galvanized joints, class 8.8 bolts and anchor plates. The entire structure is carefully sized using the electronic calculator and special calculus programmes with iterative simulation.
Sizing is carried out in full compliance with the standards in force and with particular reference to standards CNR UNI 10011-85, 10022-74, Min. Dec. 12-02-82, Min. Dec. 14-02-92 and subsequent updates and to the new Min. Dec. 09-01-96 and Min. Dec. 16-01-96.
Therefore the greatest guarantee is given to civil load resistance for which it was measured. The anchor bolts, with positioning template, are also supplied. The bolted metal structure is easily set up and quickly taken down.

The covering is made in such a way to completely envelop the structure to the ground and/or up to a height of about 2.40 mt. for the sides having a sliding buffer. The fabric used for the cover and buffer is very thick, PVC coated on both sides, polyester, and a particular treatment make this fabric waterproof and resistant to the elements and to chlorine vapours.
During coating additives are added to the PVC which make it self-extinguishing and homologated in class 2 for Fire Reaction. The covering's anchoring is carried out with ties fixed directly to the structure in many places.