Who we are

Our company, started with a precise aim: to optimize technological resources, experience and creativity to guarantee a better quality-price ratio in the “textile covering for sporting and leisure facilities”.

Europlast quality

The textile coverings are characterized by a key structural component: the membrane, which not only provides a protective covering against the elements but also constitutes a mechanism that transmits external loads, such as wind and snow, to the supporting structures components.

The success of the whole project depends on the behaviour under load of the chosen textile.

The different choices between membrane and its support include:

  • supple and robust arches in warm laminated wood for a light and luminous appearance of refined elegance;
  • optimized reticular steel arches for a rapid installation with contained costs;
  • spatial structures of a geodesic type where there is a need to cover sporting spaces with a lot of light;
  • the characteristic static pressing structure: economic, seasonably removable and flexible.

The use of this type is standardized and allowed under Min. Dec. 18th March 1996.

Double membrane insulation is provided for all the types indicated. To further save on management costs, we also provide heating systems with customized internal air distribution systems.

Spare time tensioned structures:
ample choice of standard products suitable for temporary covering, quick to set up, economic, modulated with laminated wood, steel and aluminium supports.