Insulated coverings

Resistance, insulation and elegance

We make insulated coverings, with load-bearing laminated wood arches or, where requested, galvanized steel. The load-bearing frameworks are made-to-measure in order to house the required covering and therefore secondary warping complies with the necessary parameters laid down by the standards in force regarding accidental overloading through snow, wind and earthquakes in the setting-up area.

The covering bundle can be made in different ways, both with sandwiched panels and insulated, also ventilated bundles. We normally use bundles with suitably thick beading, non-misting sheath, battens and insulation which comply with the requirements of Glaser’s diagram, in order to avoid internal condensation, and covering materials in painted galvanized sheet or other materials chosen by the customer.

The vertical ends are normally fitted with large, suitably thick alveolar polycarbonate windows to light the interior without having to rely on artificial lighting.

To optimize energy saving we use heating systems with the latest warm air generators, condensing pre-mix modular boilers with excellent performance. The possibility (optional) to fit a LED lighting system for even greater energy saving, is also innovative.